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Anguilla is one of Britain's Overseas Territories in the Caribbean and as such enjoys a high degree of political stability. It is a well regulated jurisdiction and looks only to attract reputable business. Anguilla is strongly supported by the British Government which has provided both technical and financial assistance in creating a stable and modern financial services jurisdiction. Incorporation of Companies can be done online through the sophisticated ACORN system (for more info please visit the website www.anguillafsc.com).

Anguilla is a common law jurisdiction. On January 1, 1995 new legislation came into force developed with full support of the British Government. Under this efficient new legislation Anguilla offers amongst others the International Business Company (IBC) which forms a  zero tax company similar to the one existing under the laws of the BVI.

International Business Companies (IBC's):

Anguilla IBC’s are registered under the IBC Ordinance 1994 (as Amended). An Anguilla IBC is similar to the IBC Companies established under the laws of the British Virgin Islands (BVI Companies) with the difference that no detailed Articles and Memorandum of Association have to be filed.

The BVI is amending its laws with regard to the issuing and safekeeping of bearer shares, which be largely restricted. Such changes have not effected Anguilla as such and any possible future legislation will ensure that the keeping of bearer shares outside Anguilla will be permitted.

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